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Shaduwen Mirk

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Age: 27

Race: Hylian

Hair: Redish Brown

Eyes: Deep Chartreuse

Height: 5'4

Weight: 137 Lbs.

Father: Emarol Mirk
Mother: Sylphina Mirk
Younger Brother: Marcos Mirk
Younger Sister: Aleria Mirk

Image: (Provided by DeviantArt)


Shaduwen had always been a simple Farmer's daughter, helping around the small farm her parents had. She was given a younger brother and a younger sister at a young age (of 6 years old), as they grew older and her being the eldest she took responsibility for her siblings, always watching them after her chores so her parents could have time for themselves.

When she had reached her Eighteenth birthday, Shaduwen was able to have more free time due to her siblings increased age and took more responsibilities around the farm, with the added help she was able to have more time for herself, during such times she discovered something rather unusual about herself. When she had finished milking the cows she was overwhelmed suddenly with a severe fever. She fainted almost instantly, the sound of milk jars clattering disturbed the peace of the farm. Her family came running in to see her laying there burning up. Her brother took it upon himself to grab their fastest horse and rode straight to Hyrule to find a Doctor.

When the Doctor and Marcos arrived they found Shaduwen in her parents bed on the main floor a damp ice-cloth placed upon her forehead as she trembled violently on the bed. The Doctor was momentarily surprised at how bad the fever was once he arrived, he had asked if she had any prior signs to which the family had seen none whatsoever. The good Doctor took a moment to think as he went back to his bag and pulled out his book of ailments and medicines, hoping for a way to cure this poor girls fever. What he had discovered however, was quite a shock. He looked to the girls parents and asked them to try their best to keep her temperature down for the rest of the night by placing her in an ice bath, it was the only guarantee he could make for them.

After they had done so he had begun to tell them about Shaduwen's condition, her powers were awakening. Deep inside her was a gift of the Goddesses, and her body was trying to reject them, he went into further detail, explaining that some children who are given this gift receive such a fever suddenly, just as Shaduwen had. That the next day she would be fine as if nothing had ever happened. He further explained that she would receive another fever when her powers grow further, but so long as the fever did not destroy her, she would never have to fear this ever again.

Her parents thanked the Doctor for all they could do, and went back to their daughter. She tossed, turned and shivered all night long, but when the night was finished, her fever disappeared with the sunrise. She had won out against her powers. She had discovered her powers were quite strong amongst many of the Magus' out there. She enjoyed her new aptitude and used her powers daily to help her out in her chores.

Nine years later, while she was feeding the horses, A Shekiah came into their farm. He had greeted Emarol and had asked for Shaduwen by name. Emarol was confused and asked why he wanted to see his daughter. He explained to him, he had come at request by one of the Magus' from Hyrule. Emarol was in shock for a brief moment, but went to get his daughter and brought her to the stranger.

The Shekiah bowed before Shaduwen and introduced himself as Sheklo, then asked her to walk with him to their farmhouse so he may speak to her in private. Shaduwen was curious as to why a Shekiah was wanting to meet with her, but she listened and obeyed, and followed Sheklo into her house. When they arrived she offered him a seat, and asked if he would like something to eat and drink. He accepted of course, and so she began to cook up some eggs and ham for the gentlemen with some fresh river water Aleria had collected a few hours before.

Sheklo had observed her cooking and noticed she ignited the flame on the stove without a match, or a torch, and was intrigued, he watched her carefully a smile under his cowl. Shaduwen brought him a plate and utensils, and his cup filled to the brim with fresh water, however she had noticed it was lukewarm and she believed that was not right, so she ran her hand along the rim causing ice to coat the tip of the cup allowing its chill to drizzle into the liquid.

Sheklo once again was intrigued but he held it in and began to speak to her about her powers, she didn't realize what she had done as she was used to having them by now. She had bowed her head and apologized.

The Shekiah chuckled at her and said there was no reason to, and then talked to her about her powers more in-depth and told her that a local Magus inside Hyrule had heard about her from the Doctor as one of his surprises, due to the fact that not many farmer's children were blessed by the Goddesses. Normally, the clergy's children were the ones that received the blessing, and he had described the ordeal to the Magus after having treated one of his own children, and requested for her soon after. Shaduwen was of course surprised by this, and asked her why he had arrived then and not the Magus.

The man laughed a moment before answering, he explained to her that he was a bodyguard to the Magus and was asked to escort her to his residence, so that he may ask her to accept his Apprenticeship. She was in shock. She boggled at Sheklo and became pensive.

Shaduwen cleaned up the table as soon as she saw Sheklo was down, and said she would have to think about it. Sheklo told her she would have until tomorrow afternoon when he would return to either accept or decline the Apprenticeship as he was supposed to escort her as he had stated before. The young Hylian walked back from the sink and nodded to him stating she would sleep on it and let him know after speaking with her family.

That night was very difficult for Shaduwen, she had spent hours trying to prepare herself to explain to her parents about this whole ordeal. Sheklo had asked her parents if he could stay the night due to it being late and did not wish to travel to Hyrule in such darkness. They accepted of course, and she took her opportunity to describe the situation to her parents.

They were surprised to say the least. Slyphina immediately rejected the idea, saying no daughter of hers would be put into such dangers of Hyrule Field, but her father Emarol calmed his wife down and after an hours time had told her, Shaduwen was well old enough to make her own decisions. Shaduwen said she would give her answer in the morning, she had much to think about, to sleep on.

That night was rough on her, she tossed and turned three hours on end before sleep had finally claimed her. She had colorful dreams, as she usually did after that fateful night ten years ago. She had came to her decision in the dream. She had such a intense experience in her unconscious state, she had seen the Goddesses, and they had told her all the things that could go right, and go wrong, helping her with the pros and cons so to speak. She was amazed by this, even though she knew they weren't the Goddesses, just her consciousness trying to rationalize the whole ordeal.

The sun rose early that day for her, and she stared at the ceiling for a good half hour before moving, and got dressed in her best outfit, a lovely red blouse with red pants and black boots. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail not really wanting to mess with it that morning, and went down into the dining room/living room of their two-story house. She told her parents that she was going to take the Apprenticeship, which was met with sobs from her mother, a mix of joy and sorrow. Shaduwen explained quickly that she would visit often as she was permitted and would return someday when she herself was a Magus.

Emarol smiled and hugged his eldest daughter and told her that he was very proud of her for taking responsibility beyond just the farm, and that they would pray to the Goddesses every day for her and give thanks for their blessing.

Thus, Shaduwen's journey began, Sheklo and her began their way down to Hyrule. She was amazed by all the sights and sounds once they had arrived, Sheklo escorted her as he was instructed to the Magus' manor, and led her in.

The old Hylian Magus greeted her with enthusiasm and had been grateful for her accepting. He explained his name was Ephimilon Stryius, but during her training she would refer to him as Magus Stryius. She accepted and gave her name and smiled to the old Magus, and they began her training the very next day.

And so...the story continues on for one Shaduwen Mirk, Hylian Sorcereress.

(Now the story begins on the server.)


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