Gustave, the cursed wolfos...

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Gustave, the cursed wolfos...

Post  dragoonblade on Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:11 pm

Name: Gustave

Race: Wolfos? (You will see what is meant eventually)

Alias: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Height: A bit smaller than a normal Wolfos

Weight: About average wolfos weight

Fur: Brown

History: Formerly, Gustave was a ordinary person until the wizrobes came along and captured him. Through horrid experiements, they transformed him from who he had once been to a wolfos, a beast not one person would truely care for... but in doing so they decided to experiment their magics... now, Gustave must try to live his life, figuring how he is to survive. All the while, the experiments that the wizrobes left magically sealed within him wait to be uncovered.

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