Davik Creed

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Davik Creed

Post  DM Tingle (Someonehaha) on Wed May 20, 2009 1:38 am

Name: Davik..umm Creed?

Age: 19

Race: Human

Height: 5.7

Eye colour: Starburst green/blue

Hair: Raven Black unkept but short, He has a typical aclock shadow as well.

Build: Average but looks can be quite the bluff.

Profession: What ever comes by. Used to be a man without a cause now hes a Elite guardsmen in only one day!

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Biography: Davik Creed grew up as a street kid. He had no actual home and since he can remeber he never knew his parants. The truth of this is that, He was once a villain. In a other life and was sent for divin punishment. so to make up for his awful deeds he did in the anchient past. He was rewritten into a new time period. Thus subjected to a memory loss effect and his histroy rewritten in a new time period so he could redeem him self. Davik does not know of this nor will he likely ever will.

Davik Grew up in Clock town for his early life where he was often a outcasted by the other childern and he learned to simply surive by deciet, trickery, looting pockets and working for shady business people. Growing up in such a place made Davik very untrusting of his peers, even though he was the trickster.

Evantually he got exiled from the town when in his early teens. For causing abit too much trouble which lead to the evant of being framed by a corrupt offical. Since then Davik was a wanderer.

At some point around the age of 16 Davik came near death by falling very ill in the gerudo Dessert likely heat stroke. He fell to the dessert to possibly die but, luckly for him a kind old hermit lived by this area and saved him from death. The hermit then taught Davik how to fully use his skills for a greater good taught him alittle bit about histroy and how to fight, But why? Well time is not kind to this old hermit. For his time was coming near and he needed to pass on his skills even if it was to a total stranger. While Under the hermits care Davik learned the meaning of compassion. at the age of 18 he set off from the hermit who recently faded into the other realms.

It was then Davik stumbled upon hyrule a rich city with a kingdom and well written histroy. To Davik this reminded him of Clock town. It was time for a new start Davik thought at the time and he did things to better help others.
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