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Item Model Area

Post  DM Malon on Wed May 20, 2009 6:07 pm

Hey Guys, this is the place to post any pictures of Items you'd like to see in the Server! Get crackalacking!

Here are some swords to get us started!:

Fighter's Sword from ALTTP:

Phantom Sword from WW:

Razor Sword from MM:

Gilded Sword from MM:

Kokiri Sword from OoT:

Golden Sword from ALTTP:

Ordon Sword from TP:

Hero's Sword from WW:

Giant's Knife (broken) from OoT:

Biggoron's Sword from OoT:

Wooden Sword from TP:

Great Fairy Sword from MM:

Tempered Sword from ALTTP:

Twilight Sword from TP:

Execution Sword from TP:

Darknut Sword from WW:

That's all the Stuff i could find, post your stuff too!
DM Malon

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Re: Item Model Area

Post  dragoonblade on Thu May 21, 2009 3:05 am

Here's what I found. I will list everything I've found.


The master sword of A Link to the Past. Notice the grey hilt? That must mean that this is -not- the original Master sword! and Malon was right in that OoT is the First Game in the Storyline!

The Fierce Deity sword of Majora's Mask. Perhaps one of the most unusual swords I've ever seen in a zelda game. It is often argued that the green part is golden and just tinted by the light in the boss room.

The Four sword. This sword is actually fairly interesting despite coming from a not so much liked series... it was made by infusing a white sword with four elements.

The Kokiri sword in Majora's mask. Looks different...

The master sword as per Twilight Princess.

The white sword as shown on the cover of Adventures of Link.

Paired items

The Armos set. Particularly faithful to the stone-like nature of Armos.

The Magical sword and Shield. Both were made as holy items to repel evil.

The Soul Edge that Link uses in Soul Calibur 2. Not considered canon, it is still, none the less, a decent looking evil weapon design.

I'll add more when I've got more time!

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Re: Item Model Area

Post  Shirumi on Fri May 22, 2009 8:35 am

Might be hard, but im working on some stuff... mainly the basic items and junk. But..Ill make some more stuff once nirvana gets back with me on the level of magic items the server will range from


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Re: Item Model Area

Post  Admin Nirvana620 on Fri May 22, 2009 3:40 pm

We got items, basic stuff would be nice.. But.. Main thing we need from you... Some script help.
Admin Nirvana620

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Re: Item Model Area

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