I reccomend these items

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I reccomend these items

Post  DM Tingle (Someonehaha) on Thu May 21, 2009 10:52 pm

These are overides/ addational features for nwn they will help improve your gaming experiance I garantee it Very Happy.

Tired of them boring nwn portraits get this this has over 1000 choices of good hardcore awsome fantasy art great for our server esepicly before characters are made indeed.

Thinking of playing a wizrobe/mage but hate the nwn mating ritual dance spells noises. Well this my friend will provide some awsome sound effects from the games of baldur gate 1 and 2. Ill note that the spell packs major stuff dont kick in until lvl 3 for some spells as most lvl 1-2 spells are the same monotone.

More to come when I find them/have the time!
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