Kaze Kurokami

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Kaze Kurokami

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Kaze Kurokami

Age: 32

Height: 5'9''

Race: (Lore 14+) Sheikah

Skin tone: Tanned

Build: Slim and Fit

Notable characteristics: Regal in stature, long scar situated up and below his right eye, red irises, shady, reserved, uncanny movements, ability to impersonate voices and sounds at a high threshold, normal voice is a deep voice with a heavy but clear accent, meditates often, knowledge of weak points as well as several mysteries.

This enigmatic man has reddish eyes that flicker faintly amongst the shadows. His raven-black hair is well-kept, and his otherwordly regal appearance offers an admirable look. Despite of their hue, his eyes hold within them a deep sorrow amidst his sly, notable physique. His movements are careful, methodical, and quick; with great attention taken to each detail both in sight and motion. His attire is oft dark and unique with distant inspiration. Oft is he observing others, like that statue atop the great baroque castle…

Kaze’s Sheikah parents were killed by dangerous Poes, right after he was born outside of Kakariko. He was assigned by the clan a guardian and tutor known only by the name of Brahma, who would teach him their ways. Kaze sought his own vendetta against the dark creatures of the graveyard, and so he hunted there alone in his later years. It was these cursed creatures that would plague his mind for his entire life, causing him to enter grief when he would find the tombs of his own forebears reveal spirits that would even go against those of their own former kind. One day, he beckoned to himself, he would maintain the glory of the Sheikah by proving his worth to the Royal Family when it is decided he is ready to defend and look after them. The recent grief caused by the twisted spirits made Kaze enter a long state of hibernation, thus not honing his abilities. But after some years, when Kaze reached the age of thirty-two, Brahma – now an old man – came back to him and beckoned that he train; informing him of his importance to Hyrule. Kaze, finding a new leaf, adopted a newfound strength within him to purge his fears and take on the haunting of threats. After ten years of the previous isolation, he would return to Hyrule, and there he would find much brewing amidst the dark horizon…

Portrait (extract in Portraits folder in the NWN directory): http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Portraits.Detail&id=78943&id=5972[/center]
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