Tyris Kell

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Tyris Kell

Post  DM Tingle (Someonehaha) on Fri May 29, 2009 5:17 am

Age: 24, yet he looks alot older, around 28.

Height: 5.9

Weight: 101 lbs

Build: Thin

Race: Hylian

Eye Colour: Violet, it glows dimly like magic.

Hair: Raven black usually kept in a pony tail.

Alignment: Lawful good (yup bet you did not see that coming)

Histroy: Tyris Kell was one of the youngest Schollar's that worked in the hyrule royal libraries back before ganon's Corruption. When Ganon convinced the many Scholars to betray the royal kingdom Tyris fallowed for the moment not fully knowing what he was going into. Within time ganon made his elite group of wizrobes giving them the small but potent gift of dark power he could easily muster.

Tyris for a time worked under ganon's forces killing the same innoscent people but at the time him and the wizzrobes were convinced by ganon's lies it was the right thing to do until, the day came were ganon's corruption and manlipulation was soon to be complete and the wizzrobes would embrace the dark side of there magic willingly and work willingly evil for there dark lord.

Tyris however did not fully argee with these means by the end realizing this corruption and started to rebel against ganon. For this he was punished being striped of his magical power and being thrown towards his monsterous hordes for them to see fit what shall be done with him. Tyris however barely escaped being alittle wily and luckly at the time.

After these events Tyris knew he had to learn to fight back but losing his magical power he did not understand what the means of power were. He then choose to relearn his magic by the theory of the methods that ganon showed to them and began making them a mechanic and princible like any Scholar should. Instead of just simply being given power with little understanding.

As Tyris started to Understand his powers he was confronted by the sages who all knew too well what he has gone through and what was done. The sages were forgiving and knew he was a fool back at that time and gave him a second chance. Tyris now works under them in secret. He also choose's to fight ganon's forces when ever he can and he hopes one day he could convince his wizzrobe brotheren to do the same one day and use there powers for a better ideal.

Tyris to this day forward has worked loyally towards the sages and there bidding. At this point they do trust him as he has done many great favors for them. Tyris as well as many heros wishes for a clean and peaceful hyrule once again.
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