"Tranquility" Before the Twilight

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"Tranquility" Before the Twilight

Post  Admin Nirvana620 on Sun May 24, 2009 12:43 pm

Hyrule... The land destroyed.. Corrupted, and cursed. The villages and cities are inhabited by only a few of the citizens. Those few wish to keep the memories of the village, the crafts, and the legends alive. The rest of Hyrule has retreated back to Hyrule Town, bunched together as trade is cut off. Equipment scarce, and Ganondorf's army is approaching. The only other way to find equipment is from the other sages, and craftsmen of the other villages. But the paths grow dangerous, recent rumors of Ordon Village getting run over... The lairs of Ganondorf's minions are hidden around Hyrule, the ancient artifacts of Hyrule stolen, the great weapons of the heroes.. Vanished.. Princess Zelda locked away in the castle. The men and races of Hyrule looks in horror... The Master Sword, put to rest. Sages at rest... Only several still stand to defeat Ganondorf's forces. Sage Rauru, Sage Darunia, Sage Princess Ruto, and Sage Nabooru. The other sages.. Are at rest, hidden away untill the momment is right. The only hope for Hyrule is those who stand and fight... Thos who have stayed in Hyrule... These heroes, will rise.. And stand together, to defeat the Dark Lord! Regain the ancient items of Time! And Revive the Hero of Time!
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